Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The creation of the Sweatshop!!

 This past weekend was essay weekend.. 
It was also the weekend where we created what we now fondly refer to as the Sweatshop!

I have been making clothes and been frustrated that the only thing Prey can wear is the scrubs I made. I wanted to make her something that fit and brought a smile to her face before I set forth to make myself some clothes to take to my fathers memorial. 

Prey was writing her essay for school and I was asked to help. Which entailed my sitting with her spouting off words and sentences in hopes something would be useful for her.  As I was doing that I was also working in the sweatshop on a skirt for her. 

She has been interested in also learning to sew and has made some panties I will post pics of them here soon to show off!

So like I said my Prey likes to help out. She has taken to the cutting which I love as I am not so fond of that part! We cut out the material to test out a new pattern and off I went to create it for her.  It went together wonderfully and I was so thrilled to have her try it on and it fit. I used a material I had gotten from the bargain bin (my fav place in the fabric store) and it looks great on her!! Certainly a bonus as she will wear the skirt and the pattern was awesome. I might want to add another panel in the skirt to increase the flowy factor for her. What girl doesn't want to twirl and have her skirt flutter around her! 

Next up was the dress. We had gotten the wrong sized pattern long ago and I replaced it with the right size one. I used material I had rescued from value village for $5. My sexy assistant helped me cut it out and commented how difficult this material was to get straight lines!! I knew I was taking a chance with this material as it was that slippery stretchy stuff I had read was really hard to sew. After spending time sewing and cursing and sewing and cursing some more I managed to pull off a somewhat successful dress. It fits her ok.. I am going to take out the waistband entirely or shrink it in half when i make the dress again. I am going to get something a little less slippery so I can redo it as I am not happy with this end result. I found the trim around the neckline a pain in the ass but other then that I figured it all out and am confident we can add this to our summer clothing.

The completion of the essay saw my poor girl spent!! Her poor brain didn't want to focus anymore and she asked if we could make another skirt on her downtime. 

Who am I to say no we can't sew!! lol .. We decided we would risk using good material for what looked like a straightforward circle skirt. 

 Prey cut out the pattern adding a little extra so we could increase the size. I started to sew. I got to the waistband part and asked her to try it on. It didn't fit and we pouted a bit.   After checking it out further we decided we could omit said waistband and just add in an elastic and wanno she would have her skirt! 

That rescue saved my ass as that material was sweet and I would have been so sad if I ruined it! 

I did learn some good lessons with these projects. Slipper fabric sucks. I know I can get some seam tape etc to help and I might just invest in some. I have some of that stitch witchery that I could use as well! I also learned not to try to combine two steps into one. 
I learned that I don't necessarily need to measure everytime I go to make a hem. I am getting to be a pretty good judge of the folding and ironing of them!!

So now we have a few skirts and know a few patterns are going to be what we can work with. I look forward to making them all again in good material!! 

I am soooooo happy with this sewing gig. It might be one of the best things I have in my life as it feeds so many different areas within me and also gives my beautiful and I something else to do together. 

I am a lucky CaMel. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birth of the Birthday Boxers

I am so very lucky to be surrounded by good people.  One of those folks is my buddy Brad.

I have known him I suppose close to 10 years if not longer. In that time we have not spent a great deal of time together. Really we have not shared all that many conversations that were of any deep meaning.

But we are friends, in fact I would call him my inner circle of family as I know if I ever needed anything he is just a phone call away.  I love him for that and I hope he feels that reassurance when he thinks of me!

He is a crafty fella.  I admire that quality in people and have passed a few things his way knowing he would create fun and feared toys with them. I have NEVER been disappointed !

It was his birthday a few weeks ago and I wanted to create something special for him as I know he will really appreciate it more then anything I could buy.

I have been threatening my male friends since I started sewing that I was going to make them boxers and they would have to wear them at least once so I can get a picture for my chronicles!

I had made a valiant but thwarted attempt in creating a toga out of this wonderful flowery material that happened to be preys bedsheet from when she was a kid. The story goes that she used them for years.. perhaps having an occasional "accident" in bed but I digress.

Brad is huge into recycling so when it came to choosing the material for his panties the bedsheet/failed toga was a perfect fit.

I used a pattern for shorts I had and off I went into the creation of my first pair of Boxers.

They went together way too fast as if they were excited to be being used again! The little flowers looked happy.. I can only imagine how they will feel about me after being on his ass for a day!

Either way the end result was fantastic.

We gave him them at dinner a few days before his birthday. Surrounded by our friends! He LOVED them and I have been waiting to hear if they fit since then.

I just got pictures yesterday of him modeling them and so will begin my little photo album.

Here you only get his bottom but know that he is showing off his pipes to me in the top half!!

I am so happy they fit and that they have such a great history. I suppose I should share their origin with him now that he has worn them!!


Please know I am laughing as I write this.
If it is any consolation I used the top sheet!