Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Hunt

We went on a day trip last week to the fashion district in Toronto.

 see those rolls of fabric??  
These stores are not made for the pudgy CaMel to roam. 
In fact I am not sure how anyone knows what the heck is in their space!  To say I was out of my league is a understatement! 

We learned some very important lessons that day. You need to have more then a general idea of what you are looking for.  I must have projects in mind with their recipes so I can know how much and what type of material I need. 

There are no patterns in these stores and there is such a selection of buttons, ribbons and thread that your mind reeeeeeeeels.

There are sections of these stores you can not get to if you are of larger status! The floors creak with the weight of 100000 of rolls of material. I am unsure how these old buildings hold it all. I sure as hell hope that the owners have been reinforcing the floor joists to help support these heavy loads! 

We did come out triumphant 

We got material for shorts and a skirt and some poi socks. Add in a wack of muslin that I can use to do mock ups of everything I sew.  This will help me not waste our money and awesome material while I perfect the patterns, sizes etc. 

Once I was tucked back in the caves all hell broke loose!! 
It was time to make the scrub shirt to go with the blue scrub pants I had created after the orange ones

I read and re read the pattern and admit I was a bit daunted at first by the neckline and in the end it was the one area that didn't look as I would have liked it to. 

After the pattern sizes being actually what they said and bigger then what i expected I made the scrub shirt in the XL size. Hoping it would be suitable for Prey. It, like both pairs of pants, is to big. lol

We will be using the scrub pants as a template for the next pair I am to make. 
I am going to try to adjust the pattern in the areas that Prey requires and hope I end up with a pair she can wear to work! 
THAT would be GOAL 1 complete. 

Needless to say the awesome scrub shirt went to live with my brother and the orange pants!! 
I will be getting a picture with him in them so I can add it here!!

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