Thursday, February 7, 2013

She wears short shorts!


This material is kinda cool.. I got a bunch when we were in the city the other day. Its cheap and easy to work with. It can also be dyed so really if I like what I make then I may be able to use it as more then a practice run.

I have a sewing mission. We are going away to Mexico in May and my mission is to make some of the clothes we will wear while away.

This means shorts and nice shirts as well as cute summer dresses for my lovely.

We have gone out and gotten a few patterns that are of the easy variety. Shorts, skirts and dresses

I decided my first muslin project would be to make some shorts and see how hard it was going to be. 

Its such a process doing this sewing gig. Cutting the patterns.. washing/ironing the fabric, laying it out and pinning it. I got new pins from Toronto but I don't think they are anything special and make me add pins to my next fabricland shopping list.

So after I finally get the pattern laid out. I have chosen to do the biggest size. It seems I didn't read the recipe fully before purchasing it and the largest size is still gonna be a smidge to small for me. BUT it will be close and I will still learn as I build the damn things. 

Pattern laid.. pattern cut. Games begin.

 I have decided to use black thread so I can see how wonky my lines are!  :O)  ~~~~~  wow!

In preparing my pockets I ironed in the edges so they look all pretty but when I sewed them on I did not catch that fold so either I need to fold in a bit more or sew closer to the edge. I have not decided which way is right!

I need better transfer paper stuff or to redraw the lines with the pencil crayon before I start shuffling the material around. Said shuffling seems to erase the marks and well.. 
When the marks are missing things go south super fast!

We have a surger and I am going to have to learn to use it. I have been finishing seams with the overcast stitch meaning I am doing double stitching on all my important seams. This is a pain in the HuMMpz. I will continue to do this for now until I feel comfortable enough with my seam creations!

This was pretty straight forward. There were a few spots where I need to work on. Making my seams go fully from one side to the other is important! Straight is important! Using the right seam allowance is also important. 

In the end... lol  The shorts didn't fit!
I was able to get into them...ish

I believe I know where I can alter the pattern to make more room!
I will most likely look for another pattern perhaps for pants that are already the right size and make both pants and shorts from it.

I had fun making these and look forward to wearing shorts from the "CaVe CreaTions" when we go away in May! 


  1. Ooohh ...those look great! Cand I start putting orders in now??

    1. Not just yet but before summer I will make you some!!!

  2. You can make my next camino shorts, Cassity, they look great, just a bit more room. They fit in all the right places. :-)