Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ball Bags


We have a little poi/flow art inspired business FyreToys!

We sell poi and fire toys as well as other fun things that are associated with what is refered to as "flow arts" or "Poi"

We use some fabric socks and flags and up until now we have either purchased them for our site from our supplier or had our wonderful friend Beaner create some for us from material we rescued from fabric land. 

Last week Prey and I sat down to draft up a design to make some of the new style fabric poi that are referred to as "Cone" poi.  They are made from cotton and seemingly easy to create. 

With my new magic machine I was able to recreate what we feel will be an awesome addition to our site. 
These new poi are easier to learn wraps and loops as they don't have the same bounce as the socks do. 

Now I have used them and nothing takes away from the bounce that good socks provide. I believe in the end both styles will be something people want in their toy bags.

We found some AMAZING material for socks when we were in the city and I have the pattern ready for them. I have not cut any out yet but will work on that a bit over the next week. 

We made two pair of cone poi to take with us when we went to hang with the drummers on Tuesday  They worked awesome!! The ones for me are a bit to long so I will have to remove the stitching I put in them and redo them. I will also need to add Velcro to the hole where you put the ball .. and perhaps adjust where that hole is. 

We are very happy about our progress with these projects and are looking forward to spring and letting everyone see their options for more fun things!

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